Industry And Wholesale (I & W)

The Industry and Wholesale Business covers the sale of Ground fuels, i.e., Gasoline (Petrol), Gasoil (Diesel), Kerosene, Light Fuel Oil (LFO), Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), and Lubricants to different sectors of Industrial and Wholesale customers

The Market for sale of Ground fuels constitutes different sectors of the economy like Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Sugar, Cement and Mining, Textile etc.

Alfa Energy Group supports and works closely with professionals and business leaders in the various commercial and industrial sectors including but not limited to:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Extractive industries: Mining & Cement
  • Power generation
  • Commercial road transport
  • General services e.g. tourism, ports, government tenders, etc.

We are keen to support our customers in these sectors through the provision of:

  1. High quality products including bulk fuels, lubricants and bitumen.
  2. Scheduled Technical Support services to ensure the products we supply continue to meet our customer requirements and focus on continued performance improvement and savings.
  3. Equipment Investment to facilitate safe and economic use of the products we supply. Such equipment includes fuels dispensing facilities, lubrication equipment as well as diagnostic portable laboratories in critical locations.
  4. Excellent Customer Service to guarantee transaction efficiency and timely order fulfillment. Our commitment to add value to our customers and save them money has seen our market share in this segment grow tremendously in the last 5 years and leadership in key sectors including road construction, aviation, manufacturing and general services.
Alfa Energy Limited Group

We are a leading supplier of fuel in Kenya and one of the preferred fuel retailing companies. We manage all domestic marketing and retailing activities for a wide range of petroleum products which include Unleaded Premium Petrol, Low-Sulphur Diesel, and Kerosene. Our retail business line is optimized to ensure customers get value for their money. We achieve this by delivering quality fuel products and services in our retail stations across the country while maintaining high standards of customer service.

Our fuel retailing business also servers large scale fuel clients by providing motor and industrial fuels. We have built a large customer base over the years and have become one of the most trusted commercial fuel supplier in Kenya. Our large scale customers can be found in different industries including manufacturing, power generation, road construction, transport, hospitality, among others. Our high quality fuel products have contributed to our growth and is a testament to our customer-centric service.

Retail Outlets

Our retail outlets have presented the best platform to display our vibrant brand. Alfa Energy has grown retail presence in all major towns in East & Central Africa.

Our retail outlets have presented the best platform to display our vibrant brand. Alfa Energy has grown retail presence in all major towns in East & Central Africa.

We also operate service stations in various African markets including Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and D.R.C. Alfa Energy Limited has come a long way and over the years has evolved its’ own capabilities and ventured into the entire spectrum of activities to add value to petroleum resources. With its’ strategy of integration and adding value, Alfa Energy Limited continues to deliver excellence towards realizing its’ vision of becoming a leading fuel retailing company of choice.

fuel retailing company - alfa energy limited group

We operate a network of over 9 retail stations serving thousands of customers everyday across the 4 countries that we operate in. These Service Stations are owned and operated by our teams who sell high quality petroleum and lubricant products.

In recognition of the high service standards offered at Alfa Energy Service Stations, the Company sponsors ‘Performance Competitions’; a successful staff incentive scheme which acknowledges superior performance in both increased fuel volume and improved customer care. This is to ensure that our teams are always well spirited to serve our clients with a lot of enthusiasm.