Our objective is to conduct our business in a manner that is environmentally responsible, with the ultimate aspiration of doing no damage to the environment, reducing emissions and further developing safe and sustainable, production, and Storage and distribution methodologies. Create local opportunities We help transform the natural resources of a country and community into revenue, competencies, infrastructure and jobs.

Prevent harm to local environments We apply high standards to waste management, emissions to air and impact on ecosystems – wherever we work. Respect labour and human rights We make sure no-one is adversely affected by what we do without access to recourse.

Strengthening Partnerships with Communities we believe that corporate social responsibility underlines the main objective of making a diference and adding value to people’s lives. Our initiatives have been drown from the fact that it is only through unifed eforts that we can bring about change in our society and improve lives

Sustainable energy use meets our present energy needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It requires that energy be

  • Developed from renewable resources
  • Produced by cleaner, more-efficient technologies
  • Used more wisely and efficiently

Almost all of the cars and trucks we drive run on fuels derived from oil, which is non-renewable. It is unclear how long this resource will last, but we will eventually have to find new ways to power highway vehicles